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Press Kit Presentation Template

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A press kit is a curated collection of your company information that a media contact may request if they were planning to cover you in their publication or news outlet. It gives media contacts the most accurate information and resources straight from the source so you can help control the narrative of their story. Brand’s can do this more efficiently with’s press kit presentation example.   

The template has everything you need to customize and include your company’s highlights in one compact deck. A successful press kit presentation can help PR managers and marketing teams connect and communicate with external publication outlets more seamlessly. 

Our press kit template can also help you:

  • Keep company assets and information in one centralized location
  • Manage scheduling for press interviews and releases
  • Pitch yourself to media outlets and land more coverage

Use our template to create an effective press kit presentation

A press kit presentation allows press and marketing teams to put their best foot forward and position themselves in a favorable light to media and news outlets. Tailoring this template to your own branded press kit presentation is easy. Our template is carefully curated to include everything you need to create impactful and aesthetically pleasing press kit slides. Those slides include:

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Pro tips to create a great press kit presentation template

As you use this template to build your own press kit presentation, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Keep it concise

This doesn’t need to be a 20 slide deck explaining how your company came to be. Include only the most relevant pieces of content to help media outlets understand who you are and what you do.

Don’t skimp on branding

This is essentially your pitch for media coverage, and company branding should be at the forefront of your deck. Make sure to include your logo, branded colors, and the right typography in your deck.

Make it engaging

This presentation is all about your brand, so it should be engaging. Don’t be afraid to include examples of previous press, or use images and icons that align with your brand’s story. You might even include a company video that showcases who you are.

Leave them with the right contact information

A press kit presentation will only get you so far. Should the media contact be interested, make sure they know exactly who and where to get a hold of someone for an interview or additional information.