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SEO Proposal Template

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One way companies and entrepreneurs can maximize their online presence is to boost their SEO — search engine optimization. SEO can increase a brand’s visibility online by optimizing their website and improving their ranking in search engine results. 

Even though the demand is there, SEO can be a difficult service to sell — whether to clients or stakeholders within your organization. That’s why digital marketing teams need a thorough and easy to understand SEO proposal template to pitch their plans. A comprehensive SEO proposal presentation explains what makes your SEO method unique and how it can benefit a business’s site. 

Use the SEO proposal template to:

  • Share your SEO strategy 
  • Break down the budget for an SEO project
  • Sell potential clients or stakeholders on your plan of action

An SEO Proposal Example

To make your points come across, you might bullet lists, graphs, images, charts, and sales funnels to your SEO proposal presentation. An SEO proposal template includes every important slide needed for your presentation. Examples of slides include:

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Pro Tips for your SEO Proposal Template

Consider these tips when filling out your SEO proposal template.

Be concise with your slides

Include essential information only in your template. Leave out slides that “fluff” up your presentation.

Play with design

Once you have your essential slides, you can focus on making those slides look good. Use graphics to display information, add images, and get creative with colors or fonts.

Leave time for discussion

Whether it’s between slides or after your last slide, leave some time in your presentation for discussion and Q&A.

Explain your method in simple terms

While you want to give a potential client or stakeholder an overview of your SEO tools and method, don’t make it too complicated. Touch on the basics and move on.