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Grant Proposal Presentation Example

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A grant proposal is an investment request for a nonprofit or a for-profit project. A successful grant proposal shows the grantee (the organization or individual investing) that the investment is worth their time and money. 

To be successful, a grant proposal needs to define your organization’s goals, explain the impact of those goals, how you plan to achieve them, and how your grantee can make a difference with their funds. Using a grant proposal template can ensure that your presentation has everything it needs to wow your potential investors.

The most effective grant proposal presentation examples are used to:

  • Convince grantees to invest in your project
  • Raise funds for your nonprofit or business
  • Explain to stakeholders how you’ll achieve specific objectives

A Grant Proposal Presentation Example

Each slide in your grant proposal plays an important role. Drive your point home by adding images, tables, charts, and video to your grant proposal. Each of these is available with your template and can be added with a single click. The slides used in our grant proposal presentation example are:

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Pro Tips from our Grant Proposal Presentation Example

Here are a few ways you can customize a grant proposal presentation template:

Include an executive summary

Give your audience the basics up front: your organization, your mission, and why your proposed project fits that mission.

Don’t confuse a proposal with a letter

A grant letter is a shorter document, around a few pages, that’s less formal and more succinct. A full grant proposal is more detailed and can be as long as 20 to 25 pages.

Understand your grantee

Do your research on your grantees. Explain why funding your project will benefit their values and goals.

Keep those slides simple

Stick to one topic or idea per slide. Your presentation will flow more smoothly and give your audience time to absorb what you’re saying.