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Project Status Report Template

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It’s a situation that team leads and project managers know all-too-well: You have a project status report coming up and haven’t even started on the presentation. That’s where our solution comes in to help – a project status report template.

Perfect for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly updates, our 16-slide template has all the necessary elements to turn your project status update into a sleek, professional presentation. Get your team up to speed by presenting KPIs, project milestones, status reports, budget overviews, and more. And, once you create your presentation with our project status report template, it will be that much easier to update it for future meetings! 

Our project status report template can also help you:

  • Keep team members informed about high-priority projects
  • Highlight project wins and new key milestones
  • Flag any potential roadblocks

Use our project status report template to keep your team in the know

Those who are part of a project know there are dozens of moving parts. But summarizing all of those details into a streamlined project status report can be challenging. That’s why our template has everything you need – and nothing you don’t – to highlight only the necessary details for status meetings. Our project status report template is entirely customizable. You can add or remove slides, incorporate different design elements and graphs, and enhance the look and feel to match your company’s branding.

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Pro tips to create the perfect project status report template

As you use this template to bring your project status update to life, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Level-set at the beginning

Even if you’re presenting weekly status updates, always include details like the project objective and the problems you’re trying to solve. That way, everyone is always on the same page.

Mix up your metrics

Project status updates typically include a lot of key metrics. Don’t be afraid to showcase them in a variety of different formats to avoid repetition and keep teammates engaged.

Ditch the dull

Status updates don’t have to be boring and repetitive. Liven up your presentation with fun images, quotes, video clips, and subtle animations.

Tap into other templates

For more detailed project status updates, tap into’s robust template library to add more customizable slides, graphs, timelines, comparison charts, and more!