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Software Integration Presentation

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Software integration is like fitting pieces of a puzzle together. Whether you’re migrating to a new database system, setting up a data warehouse, or linking standalone systems, software integration can be a complex, important task for any company. That’s why it’s so important to keep everyone in the company affected by the process on the same page. A software integration plan template can help you do that in your next meeting or presentation.

Use our software integration template to:

  • Explain the scope and purpose of software integration
  • Share necessary strategies and proposed timelines for the project
  • Set and evaluate KPIs to measure integration success

Create a stunning Software Integration Presentation

Developing a software integration presentation requires many slides, each of which share important information in your integration strategy. Explain your ideas and strategies clearly: arrange information into timelines, bar graphs, charts, sales funnels, and bullet lists. Each of these options is available with our software integration template. Some potential slides to include in your software integration plan template are:

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Pro Tips for your Software Integration Plan Template

Make your software integration presentation a success with these customization tips.

Give context

Start your presentation by explaining what the new software will do and why it’s needed. Specify why your company is taking on software integration up front.

Repeat important data

Don’t be afraid to reiterate certain info to really drive your points home. Share info like timelines, deliverables, or next steps more than once.

Think about your audience

Executives may want to focus on the financial side of software integration, while other departments may want the integration timeline or new software features.

Have fun with design

Graphs, charts, lists, fonts, colors, imagery: get creative with your presentation. Just remember that it should still be readable and easy to understand.