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Employee Handbook Template

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You have a lot to share with new employees during their first week on the job. That’s why you need an employee handbook template for your upcoming presentation. You’ll also need a template that covers it all: the company’s history and values, essential policies, perks and benefits, expected employee behavior, who they can contact for help, and much more. 

A comprehensive employee handbook presentation can inform new hires and get them excited to work for the company. Plus, it can be used as a resource that they can come back to again and again.

Use our employee handbook template to:

  • Share important company information during onboarding
  • Welcome new employees to the team
  • Create a valuable employee resource that can be used in the future

Create an Employee Handbook Presentation

Your employee handbook shares some of the most important information your new employees need to know. You might add photos, graphs, charts, and timelines to help your information stick with your audience. When you start to customize our employee handbook template, consider adding some of these slides:

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Pro Tips for building your Employee Handbook Template

Our employee handbook presentation is easy to customize for your company, and you can make it look even more professional with these pro tips.

Emphasize important details

Legal policies, employment policies, benefits information: repeat important details like these so they’ll really stick.

Show off your company spirit

It’s exciting when new employees join the team, so make sure your presentation reflects that. Don’t be afraid to put some personality and fun in your slides.

Think about your audience

Consider what information your new employees need most, and what questions they may have during your presentation.

Make sure to pace the presentation

Leave breaks and pauses in your employee handbook presentation for questions from your new hires.