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Public Relations Pitch Example

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A public relations proposal, also called a PR proposal or PR pitch, sells your PR firm’s services to potential clients. A great PR proposal sets your firm apart from competitors. It should be customized to each individual client, clearly outlining your services and the benefits you offer. 

Your proposal should also include important information like budget, your firm’s expertise and capabilities, team members, examples of past work, and so on. To keep your proposal organized and easy to understand, use a PR pitch template.

Use our public relations pitch template to:

  • Sell your PR services to a new client
  • Outline what services and deliverables you can offer
  • Show off your firm’s expertise and past results

A Public Relations Pitch Example

Each slide in your presentation plays an important role in your PR proposal. To illustrate your proposal for your audience, use graphics like tables, Gantt charts, bar graphs, images, and video. Each of these is available with your PR pitch template and can be added in an instant. Here is a breakdown of the slides we used in our PR pitch example:

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Pro Tips for Creating Your PR Pitch

Follow these tips and tricks for using our PR pitch template to land your next client:

Tailor your pitch to the client

Show your potential client that you’ve done the research. Tailor the content of your presentation to their business needs.

Cover the basics

No matter the client, you should include basic information like your company’s past work, your fees, measurable goals, and the strategy to achieve those goals.

Sell yourself as the best

Remember to sell your firm as the best choice for public relations. Talk about your team’s strengths and expertise.

Breakdown your fees

Be clear about what services are covered under your fees, which services are extra, and which services you don’t provide. Don’t leave it up to the client to hunt down information or be surprised by your pricing structure.