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Series B Presentation Template

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Series B funding— which comes after Series A— is raised once the company has already proven its viability and has a sizable user base. That means your business is growing— congratulations! Series B funding is usually larger than Series A funding, with higher valuations, and involves a more significant number of investors who specialize in later-stage investing, such as venture capital firms. Because it’s generally a bigger ask, your Series B pitch deck needs to be dialed in.’s Series B presentation template can give founders and executives the tools they need to stand out from the competition and wow investors. The customizable template has everything you need to stay organized in your pitch and scale the business. 

Our Series B presentation can also help you:

  • Align on your mission and vision as the company continues to scale
  • Share your business model and growth plan with key stakeholders 
  • Highlight your wins for new and existing investors and VCs

Use our template to create an effective Series B presentation

A Series B presentation gives startups and small companies the platform they need to pitch their business model to investors and raise funds to continue to grow. Every slide in your Series B presentation should share important data with potential investors. Whether you need to align on your growth plan or organize your thoughts for your next pitch, you can bring your visions to life with these customizable templates and our entire library of professionally designed template slides.

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Pro tips to create your own Series B presentation

As you use this template to build your own Series B presentation, keep these tips in mind:

Tell an engaging story

Your presentation should unfold in a story that keeps your audience engaged. The order of your slides impacts the ultimate outcome and whether or not your audience is persuaded at the end of your presentation.

Make use of graphics

There’s a lot of data to cover in a Series B pitch. Use images, Venn diagrams, graphs, charts, and sales funnels to make your data more compelling and drive your point home.

Use consistent design

You want your entire presentation to look cohesive to give investors a feel for your brand. Keep fonts, colors, and graphic styles consistent across all slides.

Keep it short

Anticipate what your investors need to know and hit those key points up front. If your presentation is too long, you’ll start to lose your audience’s attention (and money).