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Uber Pitch Deck

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Ride sharing company Uber is famous today, and is a stellar success story. Thanks to their success, the initial Uber pitch deck is an in-demand resource for new entrepreneurs looking to build a startup. Uber shared their pitch deck less than a decade after founding the company.

In 2008, Uber started with $1.25 million in seed funding from investors, but they relied heavily on a presentation to do so. While successful, the original Uber pitch deck was a snooze, so we updated it using

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Take the Uber pitch deck as an example: a well-designed pitch deck template can seal the deal for the growth of your project or startup. It's important to craft a document worthy of attention to achieve your goals. Our Uber pitch deck refresh used tables, graphs, charts, and other graphics to grab attention and illustrate important data. Each of these can easily be added and customized to your template. Here are some slides you could include:

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Pro Tips for Creating Your Own Pitch Deck

A strong pitch deck, like the Uber pitch, not only serves to reinforce your brand to investors. It also demonstrates that you understand what your business is and who your customers are. Here are some things to consider:

Tell an engaging story

Engage potential investors by telling an exciting story. Talk about how your startup got its start or the connection you have to the problem you’re solving.

Use visual aids

Use graphics, photos, carts, and videos to bring your story to life. Visuals capture your audience’s interest and can help you tell your story in impactful, memorable ways.

Be brief and concise

A pitch deck should be clear, compelling, and straightforward. About 10 to 20 slides should be enough to hit all the key points.

Choose powerful imagery

Picking the right photos and images is essential to the overall success of your presentation. Be sure to pick images that tell a story and enhance understanding.