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Project Retrospective Presentation Template

Use This Template

A project retrospective, or product reflection, helps teams dive in on completed projects— and assess what worked well and what missed the mark— to inform future planning. Project managers can create a project retrospective presentation in half the time with’s project retrospective template. 

Our customizable template has all the necessary slides for a project retrospective like project inventory, time investment, feedback, and wins. A thoughtful project retrospective presentation can help teams understand where their efforts paid off, and what they can improve on in coming projects. 

Our project retrospective template can also help you:

  • Share projects with other departments or stakeholders
  • Acknowledge project wins or standout employees 
  • Provide a guide for expectations and improvements on future projects

Use our template to create an effective project retrospective presentation

A project retrospective presentation is an integral component to your team’s success – one that requires a concise format, clear layout, and seamless flow. That’s why our template includes everything you need to create an effective presentation. Those slides include:

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Tips to create the most engaging project retrospective presentation

As you use this template to craft your project retrospective presentation, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Spice up your statistics

Project retrospectives, or product reflections, typically include a lot of key metrics. Don’t be afraid to showcase them in a variety of different formats to avoid repetition and keep teammates engaged.

Answer the most critical questions

It can be easy to get caught up in your feedback and findings, but don’t forget to answer critical questions like, ‘Why is this important?’ and ‘What can we do better next time?’

Keep it concise

Remember: You aren’t meant to jam every detail of the project in a visual presentation. Limit the amount of content and data you add to each slide to only the most valuable information.

Ditch the dull

Product reflections don’t have to be boring and repetitive. Liven up your presentation with fun images, quotes, video clips, and subtle animations.