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Usability Testing Presentation Template

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Your product or website is only as good as its usability. How are real users leveraging your product and what feedback do they have? Teams can test the effectiveness of their product or service with’s usability testing presentation example.  

The customizable template gives you a jump start for creating and analyzing user-centered interactions. A successful usability testing presentation can help internal teams understand which aspects of their product or service are resonating with users and what has room for improvement. 

Our usability testing template can also help you:

  • Observe how users are interacting with and using your product
  • Analyze how prospective users are navigating your website and make adjustments based on their behavior
  • Share usability testing results with key stakeholders

Use our template to create an effective usability testing presentation

A usability testing presentation helps teams gauge their customers and their use cases to better optimize your product or website. That’s why our template includes everything you need to create effective usability testing slides. Those slides include:Use our template to create an effective usability testing presentation

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Pro tips to create a successful usability testing presentation

As you use this template to craft your usability testing presentation, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Share the team

The most important element of a usability test is obvious: the users. Make sure to include who conducted the test and who participated in the experiment when crafting your usability test presentation.

Know your features

A usability test must emphasize your product or website’s strengths while addressing or minimizing any perceived weaknesses. Be prepared to answer audience questions and share feature feedback from the experiment.

Make use of graphics

Charts, graphs, and images can condense a lot of data— like usability testing results— and present it in an appealing format.

Include actionable items

What are the next steps for your usability test? Don’t forget to include your results, recommendations, and an action plan for improvements.