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WeWork Pitch Deck

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In late 2014 WeWork, the shared workspace company, raised $355 million in venture funding from investors.

WeWork knew they had a sound business plan that was bound to grow with the right support. They didn’t take any shortcuts, and used visual charts to show huge projections and big plans. Not only did they get tons of funding with this pitch deck, they're now one of the biggest co-working space providers in the world. The original WeWork pitch deck was aggressively thorough, but the design left room for improvement.

Check Out’s WeWork Pitch Deck Makeover

A well-designed pitch deck template can seal the deal for the growth of your project or startup. The WeWork pitch deck is proof of that. Our WeWork pitch deck refresh used bar graphs, images, charts, and other graphics to grab attention and illustrate important data. Each of these can be added and customized to your own pitch deck template. It's important to craft a presentation worthy of attention to achieve your goals, so we’re sharing some slides to include in your own pitch deck:

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Quick Tips on Using a Pitch Deck Template

Some of the best pitch decks present information in a quickly-digestible, easily-understandable way. Here are some easy tips to help you create an impactful presentation, like the WeWork pitch deck:

Tell an engaging story

Engage potential investors by telling an exciting story. Talk about how your startup got its start or the connection you have to the problem you’re solving.

Be brief and concise

A pitch deck should be clear, compelling, and straightforward. About 10 to 20 slides should be enough to hit all the key points.

Use a consistent design

You want your entire presentation to look cohesive to give investors a feel for your brand. Keep fonts, colors, and graphic styles consistent across all slides.

Leave investors wanting more

Your startup pitch deck should spark interest, leaving investors hungry for more information about your company. Don’t give away too much in your presentation.