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Cut design time by 75% with advanced presentation tools and go from start to finish in no time. No more aligning text boxes and shapes till 2 am. Just focus on your content, and leave the rest to our design AI.

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“ helps me cut down time and focus on my content for a great presentation!”

Cynthia S. Kao - Founder of Rebirth Media LLC & Executive Director of Operation Code

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What’s included:

  • Unlimited Smart Slides

    Let us design for you. Just add content, and smart slides adapt like magic.

  • Over 2 Million Photos, Icons and Videos

    Search for and add content to your presentation without leaving the editor.

  • Customized Themes

    Start from 40+ built-in fonts and 20 pre-defined color palettes.

  • Real-time Collaboration and Commenting

    Work with anyone, anywhere on the most up-to-date version of your presentation.

  • Inspiration gallery with hundreds of pre-built slides

    Never start from scratch again. Use our inspiration gallery to kick off your presentation.

  • Viewer Analytics

    Understand how your viewers interact with your presentation. Track which slides are most effective.

  • Upload Custom Fonts

    Import your company’s fonts to keep presentations on-brand.

  • Secured Viewing

    Verify the identity of your viewers before they access your presentation. Track their activity with Viewer Analytics.

  • Revision History

    Revert your slide back to a point in time.

  • PowerPoint Import

    Import existing PowerPoint content into as editable presentations. Export decks into PowerPoint for easy sharing.

  • Convert to Classic Slides

    Import existing PowerPoint content into as editable presentations. Export decks into PowerPoint for easy sharing.

  • 3rd Party App Integrations

    Create presentations in a seamless workflow with integrations with Dropbox,, and Slack.

The secret weapon of teams like:

SkySpecs logo
SkySpecs logo
“Beautiful is absolutely the best presentation software available. No contest.”
Danny Ellis, SkySpecs, CEO and Founder
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Udacity logo
Udacity logo
“ allows you to tell a better story with less effort and more impact”
Ben Hommerding, Curriculum Manager, Udacity
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Gosite logo
Gosite logo
“Clients will often say, ‘Wow, you always have the best slide decks. How did you put that together?’ And they don’t realize that it took me 15 minutes before the meeting.”
Riley Harbour, Director of Sales Development, GoSite
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Gosite logo
IntelAgree logo
“Using templates breaks the norm and allows you to work better, think in a new way, and tell your stories better, which I think helps you sell better.”
Kara Margraf, Marketing Manager, IntelAgree
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Cybrary logo
“I would say increased our efficiency. I mean, 50% sounds crazy, but it's probably pretty close to accurate when you consider all of the manual stuff that we used to have to do.”
Tommy Horlacher, Head of Creative Services, Cybrary
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