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Building a Brand Story Through Your Team Presentations

Isabelle Nicole
April 9, 2024
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Building a Brand Story Through Your Team Presentations Building a Brand Story Through Your Team Presentations
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You have a clear brand story and a visual identity in mind. Now it’s time to arm your team with it. 

Telling your unique brand story improves brand recall, and gives your target audience something to relate to. Slides aren’t merely filled with information – they captivate, persuade, and relate to your audience. Weaving a compelling narrative throughout your presentations helps leave a lasting impression. It also gives your team a chance to connect with your story. 

But before we delve into the specifics of how to easily integrate brand storytelling into your presentations, you have to understand why storytelling is such a powerful tool. At its core, brand storytelling is about conveying your brand’s values, mission, and personality through narratives that engage and connect with your audience on an emotional level. It’s about going beyond the facts and figures to create a memorable experience.

Craft your brand narrative

Start at the beginning. Why did you start your company and what led you to develop its brand? The first step in integrating brand storytelling into team presentations is to craft that cohesive narrative that ties to your value prop and mission. 

Consider elements like your origin story, key milestones, and the impact you’ve had so far

Tip: Bring your brand to life

Good brand storytelling transforms a product or entity into a vibrant, relatable persona or solution. And stories should elicit emotion. By tapping into joy, empathy, or excitement, you can make your brand relatable and memorable. 

Align design with storytelling

Design plays an important role in reinforcing your identity. Color schemes and typography can be chosen to evoke desired emotions. Imagery and layout help guide your storytelling and tone. Start by framing your presentation around a compelling central theme and message. Weave in anecdotes, testimonials, and real-life examples to bring it to the next level. 

Every design component should enhance your storytelling efforts. With, team members can lock in brand details like color, fonts, logos, and specific slide layouts in a Team Theme – so that every presentation is on-brand. Our themes are set it and forget it. Once you’ve created one, it's automatically applied to each slide within the deck so colors, fonts, and design elements are consistent from beginning to end. 

We specialize in creating presentations that not only look great, but also align team members company-wide to the same design rules, colors, and fonts. Learn more about our Team plan and how it can help you align on your brand story. 

Engage your audience

Now that you have a set theme and design rulebook, you can dive into creating your deck. 

Team Bulletin template

Many of our templates, like the Team Bulletin deck above, have a multitude of layouts to provide variety. There’s a balanced mix of photos, text, insights, and we close with customer testimonials. With you can also engage one step further with our animations that reveal themselves on each slide. 

All Hands Meeting template

Another popular template is the All Hands Meeting deck, designed to share departmental and company-wide updates. This template uses charts, timelines, pictographs, icon lists, and videos to drive your point home.

One way to engage off the screen is to encourage active participation. This could involve asking questions, having listeners share their perspectives, or even leading certain sections themselves. Remember, the goal is to create a connection with your team so that they are inspired to become brand ambassadors. 

Share your story far and wide

A tool like superpowers your team to become the storytellers themselves. From slide design to language choices, every aspect of your presentation should reflect the essence of your brand - and be easily accessible and customizable!

You can easily share presentations with a link, and teammates can view, collaborate on, and present the deck to nail the brand story.

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle is a freelance content writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.