Webinar Recap: AI in the Workplace

Jordan Turner
April 4, 2023
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Webinar Recap: AI in the WorkplaceWebinar Recap: AI in the Workplace
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A webinar is a virtual seminar that allows audiences to join regardless of their location. The web-based events are commonly used for workshops and training, video presentations or lectures. Because webinars aren’t limited to one industry, topic, or demographic, they’ve become increasingly popular— especially as professionals have adopted the digital workplace. 

Unlike a meeting, webinars aren’t collaborative and generally consist of a host— or panel of hosts— who act as thought leaders or experts on any particular topic. 

As generative AI continues to disrupt the workplace, the team at thought a webinar would be valuable to answer some burning questions about the technology, explain what the shift means for businesses, and demonstrate how DesignerBot’s AI presentations can be a beneficial tool for teams.

AI in the Workplace webinar 

In case you missed it, we hosted an “AI in the Workplace” webinar on March 15, 2023. Our panel of experts— Jason Lapp, CEO; Danny Curtis, Senior Account Manager, and Fatima Sbeih, Director of Customer Success— led the discussion on the benefits and challenges of implementing generative AI in the workplace. 

Jason Lapp kicked off the webinar by explaining the impact of generative AI. He said, “when consumers instantly get it, or the value is clear, or they want to embrace new technology it’s an amazing indicator that something systemic and big is about to happen.” To add context, he shared statistics from a recent survey our team conducted that proves the majority of managers have begun using AI in the workplace and see the benefits of adopting the new technologies. With a wide variety of AI tools and softwares— like’s DesignerBot— teams can unlock new levels of creativity, productivity, and efficiency. But will AI take our jobs? Jason explained that as these innovative tools become more commonplace, we’ll have to change the way we do things and the way we learn. However, AI alone in its current form can’t replace human creativity and knowledge, and instead we should view it as an assistant that allows us to work 10x faster, and produce better results. To drive the point home, Danny gave an exclusive demonstration of the new DesignerBot features and capabilities to show how teams can benefit from AI presentations. 

Key takeaways from the webinar

  • Generative AI is changing the way we write and communicate
  • Think of generative AI as an assistant that allows you to work 10x faster and produce better results
  • It’s not an if teams will use it, it’s a when
  • It’s important to start now and experiment with different AI tools before you fall too far behind on the adoption curve
  • Testing different softwares and use cases is key to find the right fit for your business
  • Generative AI isn’t here to take jobs, and instead might open the door to new job opportunities
  • DesignerBot works as a collaborative partner to expedite the brainstorming process and allows you to create beautiful presentations even easier, and faster

Webinar recap presentation

Watch the full webinar here

The importance of a webinar recap

The point of a webinar is to position your company as a thought leader in a specific industry. It may include things like thought-provoking perspectives, tips or educational information, a product demonstration, or a training session. Webinars aren’t one-size fits all and can wear a lot of hats, but it must provide value to the audience. The benefit of a truly valuable webinar is that you can capture new prospects and emails through webinar registration, win back or re-engage with inactive users, or upsell existing customers who were on the fence. 

Of course, in order to optimize the success of the webinar many hosts will send out a recap after the fact. A webinar recap can act as a tangible takeaway for your webinar attendees, while also engaging different audiences after the live presentation has ended. By sending out a recap, it ensures you're not limiting the information to only those who could attend the live event, providing incentive for more people to register. Companies and webinar hosts can expand their reach by distributing more content with a thoughtful webinar recap presentation.  

Creating your own webinar recap

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. offers a fully customizable webinar recap presentation template created by industry experts which gives you a jumping off point for organizing your own recap. Our template has everything you need for a webinar recap presentation like webinar guidelines and creative strategy exercise. A thoughtful webinar recap presentation can help presenters stay organized and connected to their audiences even after the webinar has ended.  

You might also use our webinar recap presentation to share additional resources with your audience, capture emails for new prospective clients or customers, and promote upcoming webinars or conferences.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Try DesignerBot’s AI and enter a text prompt like “a webinar recap for generative AI in the workplace” to get your own unique presentation blueprint. 

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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