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Create all the beautiful presentations your organization needs: Remotely, securely, without putting other work on hold. Now every team can design decks quickly and stay on brand–all under one account.

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Business is hard. So we made it easy to control your brand, create stunning slides, and scale efficiency across your company.

Everything your team needs for better presentations

Business is hard. So we made it easy to control your brand, create stunning slides, and scale efficiency across your company.
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Total brand control

Lock in the right logo and brand elements across your organization. Shared slides and shared themes give teammates guardrails to stay visually consistent from pitch to pitch.

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Single, searchable library

Tag slides so teammates can find exactly what they need in seconds. No more wasted hours hunting for a drive or recreating text boxes. The right slide is right where everyone needs it, in one workspace.

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Advanced viewer analytics

Track what matters most. Get insights into which slide is performing the best, and how much time is spent on your content.

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Shared team templates

Create shared presentation templates so that your departments can jumpstart any presentation without having to start from scratch. Speed up your workflow, and get the power to tell a consistent story like never before.

beautiful ai and it's integration platforms

3rd Party integrations

Improve your workflow with’s 3rd party integrations. Manage assets with Dropbox, communicate updates via Slack, or create a board in

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Synchronized updates

The moment new data comes in, push it to multiple decks. With a single click, you can update old reports and save coworkers hours of editing every week.

Creating beautiful presentation decks without spending a lot of time focused on the design and layout of the slide itself is huge. We’ve saved hours, if not days, worth of time because of how easy it is to create professional-looking presentations.
Shawn P, Senior Director of Product Management & Design - Paciolan
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Enterprise level control, scalability and security

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One presentation tool for your entire company to share ideas, create stunning content, and collaborate. Our team plan for organizations comes with everything you need to scale presentations and productivity across all teams.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Smart Slides

    Let us design for you. Just add content, and smart slides adapt like magic.

  • Version History

    Revert your slide to a previous version.

  • Collaborative Workspace

    Edit presentations with your team and organize them in shared folders

  • PowerPoint Import and Export

    Import existing PowerPoint content into as editable presentations. Export decks into PowerPoint for easy sharing.

  • Viewer Analytics

    Understand how your viewers interact with your presentation. Track which slides are most effective.

  • Custom Company Theme

    Control your corporate branding in one place, and make it readily available to all members.

  • Centralized Slide Library

    Curate shared team slides for the entire team to start from.

  • Custom Template Library

    Define standard presentation structures for your team to start from and reuse.

  • Role-based Permissioning

    Assign member’s roles to control who has access to modify team slides and the team theme.

  • SAML Single Sign-on

    Securely sign in using Azure, Okta, or OneLogin.

  • Audit Logs

    Retrieve comprehensive logs of user activity.

  • 3rd Party Integrations

    Seamlessly integrate your workflow with Dropbox, Slack and integrations.

  • Unlimited Team Resources

    Create unlimited themes, templates and slides for your team to use.

  • Dedicated onboarding

    Reserved for teams Over 50 people

  • User Provisioning (SCIM)

    Provision and manager users through your identity provider.

  • Priority Support

    Rest assured you’re top priority when it comes to questions and issues.

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“Beautiful is absolutely the best presentation software available. No contest.”
Danny Ellis, SkySpecs, CEO and Founder
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“ allows you to tell a better story with less effort and more impact”
Ben Hommerding, Curriculum Manager, Udacity
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“Clients will often say, ‘Wow, you always have the best slide decks. How did you put that together?’ And they don’t realize that it took me 15 minutes before the meeting.”
Riley Harbour, Director of Sales Development, GoSite
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“Using templates breaks the norm and allows you to work better, think in a new way, and tell your stories better, which I think helps you sell better.”
Kara Margraf, Marketing Manager, IntelAgree
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“I would say increased our efficiency. I mean, 50% sounds crazy, but it's probably pretty close to accurate when you consider all of the manual stuff that we used to have to do.”
Tommy Horlacher, Head of Creative Services, Cybrary
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