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Investment Proposal Template

Use This Template

You’ve scored a meeting with potential investors for your project or business idea and now you need to put together a complete investment proposal to tell your story. Where do you start? What do you include? 

An investment proposal template, also called an investors pitch deck has to accomplish multiple goals. It should explain a problem or opportunity in the market, introduce your company’s solution, provide market context, share your vision, and more. 

Use our investment plan template to:

  • Explain your project or business idea succinctly and clearly
  • Introduce your team to potential investors
  • Secure funding for your company

Customize your Investment Proposal Template

Every slide in your investment proposal presentation plays an important role. To clearly illustrate the information you’re presenting, consider adding graphs, images, lists, charts, and sales funnels. An investment plan example might include slides such as:

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Pro Tips for an Investment Proposal Presentation

Make sure your investment proposal template stands out by following these simple tips.

Spotlight what makes you unique

Grab investors’ attention early and hold it there. Highlight what makes you different from your competitors early on in your presentation.

Pay attention to the flow of your presentation

Run through your entire presentation a few times to check the flow of the slides, making sure you’re telling a cohesive story.

Make use of graphics

Charts, graphs, and images can condense a lot of data and present it in an appealing format.

Show some personality

Use on-brand graphics, fonts, and colors to show a little personality. You’ll stand out from the rest and make an impression on investors if you do.