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SEO Report Template

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SEO reports let your clients, supervisors, and investors know how your SEO campaigns are performing. To do so, they need to be comprehensive and succinct. Your SEO report shouldn’t be so long that your audience’s attention wanders, nor should it be so short that you neglect to cover all the bases. 

Our SEO report template does all of the heavy design work for you. Plus, it keeps all your data organized, and comes with pre-designed graphics that can elevate your report. 

Use our SEO reporting template to:

  • Share how SEO campaigns are performing
  • Explain strategies and next steps for growth
  • Check in on the status of project deliverables

Customize your SEO Report Presentation

An SEO report covers a lot of important data, so each slide fulfills an important purpose.To help illustrate your data, add bar charts, timelines, charts, pictographs, and bullet lists. Each of these graphics can easily be added to your SEO report template. An SEO report example might include slides such as:

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Pro Tips for a SEO Report Template

Consider these tips when building out your SEO reporting template.

Tailor your report to the audience

If increasing site traffic is your client’s top priority, put those slides at the beginning of your report. Be mindful of your audience’s needs.

Keep your slides clean

Limit one idea or topic to one slide to avoid overcrowding and confusing your audience.

Get creative with design

Jazz up your report by using graphics, colors, fonts, and whitespace thoughtfully. SEO can be dull for some, so give it a little personality.

Share future recommendations

End your presentation by looking forward. What are the next steps your team should take? What KPIs or results will you be monitoring?