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Digital Marketing Proposal Template

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Are you looking to get your marketing agency hired by a new client? Or perhaps you’re proposing a new digital marketing project to executives in your current company. In either case, you need a persuasive digital marketing proposal. Your proposal should share details about your digital marketing services, plus explain how your services will benefit potential new clients or the company.

Our digital marketing proposal template does much of the heavy lifting for you: no extensive design knowledge is required. You can start putting together your proposal for your next pitch right away.

Use our digital marketing proposal template to:

  • Convince a new client to choose your marketing agency
  • Pitch a marketing campaign to internal stakeholders
  • Showcase integrated digital marketing campaigns

Customize this Digital Marketing Proposal Example

A digital marketing proposal uses many slides, each telling an important part of the story. Use line graphs, images, bullet lists, or timelines to illustrate the points in your presentation. Each of these options can be added to your digital marketing proposal template and customized in an instant. Slides you might include in a digital marketing proposal example are:

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Pro Tips for a Digital Marketing Proposal

Here are some guidelines for filling out your digital marketing proposal template.

Make your presentation efficient

Be straightforward and succinct with your slides. New clients and investors want key data, strategies, and ROI.

Remember your audience

Whether your proposal is internal (for stakeholders) or external (potential new clients), don’t forget to tailor your slides to your audience and how they like to consume information.

Use visuals strategically

There are a lot of numbers involved in a digital marketing proposal. Make good use of graphs, charts, timelines, images, and other graphics.

Include next steps

End your presentation with actionable takeaways. Suggest contact information or include next steps to get a project off the ground.