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Team Bulletin Presentation Template

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A team bulletin is a newsletter that communicates important updates or announcements, upcoming events and meetings, or anything else that pertains to the team. Historically, a team bulletin would be a collection of notes or flyers posted to a physical bulletin board, or passed around weekly, in an office setting. A team bulletin presentation is a remote-friendly way to keep everyone connected and on the same page with any information they may need.’s team bulletin presentation template gives remote teams the platform they need to communicate department announcements and updates more seamlessly. The customizable template ensures team bulletin presentations are always organized, and up to date. 

Our Team Bulletin presentation can also help you:

  • Provide all relevant updates to the team in a centralized place  
  • Stay organized with announcements and upcoming events 
  • Encourage community and a healthier company culture

Use our template to create an effective Team Bulletin presentation

A team bulletin presentation keeps teams connected with the happenings of the department and company. When you start to customize our team bulletin template, consider adding some of these slides:

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Pro tips to create your own team bulletin presentation

As you use this template to build your own team bulletin presentation, keep these tips in mind:

Show off your team spirit

You want to pump up your team, so make sure your presentation reflects that. Don’t be afraid to put some personality and fun in your slides.

Use data visualization to make the important numbers more digestible

You likely have a lot to report on, but only pick the most important metrics from the week and use charts or graphs to bring them to life.

Include the team

The point of a team bulletin is to get the team engaged, so don’t forget to include them in the presentation. Introduce new hires or give existing team members kudos for something they accomplished in the prior week.

Leave time for collaboration or questions

Leave breaks and pauses in your team bulletin presentation to allow for conversation, collaboration, or questions.