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Team Stand Up Template

Use This Template

Make your daily meetings more effective by starting with a template that lets teammates easily track what's going on and how to best optimize processes.

Our team stand up template is a pre-built, customizable presentation optimized for team meetings and collaboration. Your team meeting will run smoothly with an agenda slide, talking points slide, deliverables update slide and more to keep everyone organized and focused.

Use the team stand up template to:

  • Keep team members on the same page
  • Get stakeholders up to speed
  • Ensure everyone is on track toward larger goals or campaigns

Customize Your Team Stand Up Presentation

Our team stand up template is easily customizable for your team meeting’s needs. To make your team stand up engaging and interesting, don’t forget photos, graphs, charts, timelines, diagrams, and sales funnels for your slides. Some examples of slides to include in your presentation are:

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Tips for creating your Team Stand Up Presentation

Here are some guidelines to consider when creating a team stand up presentation.

Keep it Simple

Your presentation should support what you’re saying, not distract from it. Keep your design and text simple.

Keep your slides minimal

Limit one slide to one idea or topic. Your information will be more organized and easier to read that way.

Check the flow of your presentation

Make sure your slides are ordered in a way that flows naturally. A typical way to present information is often an overview followed by specific details.

Include Visual Aids

Charts, funnels, graphs, and images all add to the way your presentation is received. Visual aids make slides memorable and draw notice from your audience to important components.