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Tesla Pitch Deck

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Founded in 2003, Tesla strives to build a sustainable energy ecosystem that helps the world move towards a zero-emission future. Today, hundreds of thousands of drivers in the United States get behind the wheel of Tesla’s groundbreaking electric vehicles, which make up nearly 80% of the entire market.

Tesla went public in 2010, creating a pitch deck to win over investors. It worked — and is now worth more than the remaining six top car companies combined. But the presentation called for an enhanced design that matches the innovation, technology, and intelligent design that Tesla is known for. Enter: a revamped Tesla pitch deck that’s as forward-thinking as the engineers behind the brand.

Use this Tesla pitch deck template to create your own presentations for:

  • Investment pitches
  • Product expansions
  • Quarterly overviews

See the Tesla Pitch Deck revamped with

Pitch decks don’t have to be plain and simple; they can emulate the energy of your brand while simultaneously telling a story and impressing investors. Using our redesigned Tesla pitch deck, you can add even more relevant slides — like graphs, charts, and sales funnels — to bring your vision to life and make it your own. Here’s a look at some slides you can include in your next presentation similar to the Tesla pitch deck:

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How to create your own pitch deck presentation

Creating a powerful presentation doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch every single time. Using this template — and the following tips — you can create a presentation that’s as sharp and sophisticated as the Tesla pitch deck.

Get to the point

Don’t bury the most important aspects of your presentation. Dive right in with the information your audience needs to know.

Keep it brief

The longer your presentation, the higher the chances of losing your audience’s interest (and investment).

Tell a story

Ensure the order of your slides tells a cohesive story that’s easy to follow and has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Incorporate visual aids

You can tell a story using more than just words. Include charts, graphics, videos, and photos to create a presentation that’s more interesting and attention-grabbing.