Solves the Marketing Bottleneck for Bluetree Network

Bluetree Network streamlines presentation design and increases sales effectiveness with

Streamlining the sales process can be the difference between closing a deal and losing one. Increasing effectiveness and expediting that sales cycle is something that many companies strive for as their business begins to scale. Epic consulting and strategy firm, Bluetree Network, is no different. Bluetree Network was looking for a solution that boosted their productivity, facilitated collaboration, solved the marketing bottleneck in presentation design, and increased confidence for their sales team. The answer?

Professional-grade presentations

No team wants Frankendecks representing their brand out in the wild. A lot rides on the success of the presentations and how professional it looks, and this is especially true for Bluetree Network, a company often presenting to large health systems. “I was worried that in those earlier years we weren’t living up to the expectations health systems had,” said Bluetree Marketing Manager, Ryan Hill. “I kept thinking they were expecting presentations you’d often find in the larger consulting firms, and just thought that we were not competing at all.” With, the Bluetree Network team could create really high quality presentations in half the time and for half the cost. Having in their back pocket made presenting to clients more effective and efficient. builds confidence for sales team

We can all agree that presenting takes confidence. And there is an element of confidence that comes with having a professional looking deck. You want to be proud of what you present. “I think for the sales team and even our consultants that are often presenting to our clients, they weren’t confident in the product they were presenting to them,” Ryan adds. It all comes down to quality. That’s what motivated Bluetree Network to look for a PowerPoint alternative, ultimately leading them to A consultant found and said, "Ryan, you need to check this out ASAP because we need to make some strides here regarding our presentations." Since then, Ryan has extended licenses to all product and service managers. It has been a game changer for their sales team. 

Cuts presentation design time in half

Many companies have the same pain points when it comes to presentations. They can’t create quality, consistently branded presentations effectively. “PowerPoint was a time-suck for the team, and they often felt that our brand standards and the template features in other tools just weren't doing the trick,” Ryan says, “What you guys have created is a foolproof way to ensure quality presentations. It's almost just like they have a graphic designer over their shoulder while they're creating their decks.” He adds that with other tools you go down a rabbit hole and the end product ends up visually uninspiring. has been a safety net for anyone who doesn’t have that background in professional design. 

“What you guys have created is a foolproof way to ensure quality presentations. It's almost just like they have a graphic designer over their shoulder while they're creating their decks.”

Ryan Hill, Marketing Manager, Bluetree Network

ROI positive with

Beyond Bluetree’s standard use cases for, such as client facing presentations and internal quarterly operations meetings, they also have some atypical uses, too. The team creates charts or graphs in and exports single slides to use them in Microsoft Word documents for status reports. “Graphs and tables take up so much time if you're not using the right tool.” Ryan says, “In it's just so handy that you can quantify stuff and easily manipulate it without having to start from scratch.” has been a versatile tool that helps them increase productivity in many aspects of the business. 

View Bluetree's presentation here.

Collaboration without constraints

Collaboration is key, especially when you’re creating over 10 presentations each week.’s seamless collaboration has helped Bluetree Network’s consultants and sales teams stay in sync when creating presentations. Ryan says, “They're almost always collaborating right next to each other.” Having version control and the ability to duplicate slides or decks keeps the teams organized with all of their presentations integrated. Presentation management reduces time and resources, which is huge when multiple people on the Bluetree team are creating decks at any given time. 

Costs less than a designer

Time is money, right? is literally like giving every team member a professional designer, but at a fraction of the cost. It eliminates the need to outsource your presentations and pay for a professional designer. acts as the resident designer so that the Bluetree team can focus their energy on their message and how they present it to prospective clients. When you can cut time creating a presentation, you’re also reducing the time it takes to present, get back to the client, and ultimately close a deal. The benefits that provides the Bluetree team are undeniable in the pursuit of building relationships with new and existing clients, and that’s priceless.