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Design Sprint Presentation Template

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The design sprint process answers critical questions through design, prototyping, and experimenting with new ideas with clients or customers all within a five day period. Teams can reduce the risk of bringing a new product, service, feature or design to the market with’s design sprint presentation template.  

Our customizable template has everything you need for a design sprint presentation like design sprint process steps and weekly deliverables. A thoughtful design sprint presentation can help teams align on new business solutions and bring them to market.  

Our design sprint template can also help you:

  • Align teams under a shared vision 
  • Solve complex problems in low-risk ways 
  • Share and test new ideas with important stakeholders, customers, or partners

Use our template to create an effective design sprint presentation

A design sprint is pivotal to your team’s brainstorming process – one that requires a concise format, clear layout, and seamless flow. That’s why our template includes everything you need to create an effective presentation. Whether you need to define your sprint steps or share schedules and deliverable deadlines with key players, the following slides will help you achieve your goals:

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Tips to create an effective design sprint presentation

As you use this template to craft your design sprint presentation, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Make your purpose clear

Point out the challenge and prioritize the design sprint’s possible solution to make it clear to everyone involved. This should be at the forefront of your presentation.

Make deadlines obvious

Use a Kanban or calendar slide to make the deadlines and tasks obvious to your team. The modern layout will make it easy for team members to identify what they’re responsible for and when.

Include relevant visuals

The design sprint process is based on design, so make sure your presentation reflects that. Customize this template by uploading your own designs and visuals for the project.

Add to your presentation

Apply lessons learned to create a final or further iteration, and add to your design sprint presentation if needed. This will help your team determine next steps and keep the momentum going.